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Pryes Brewing opens its Minneapolis taproom this weekend

Minneapolis’ newest taproom isn’t so new after all.

Most locals already know Pryes Brewing for its hit IPA, Miraculum, which can be found at restaurants across the Twin Cities. While Pryes will continue brewing this award-winning beer, that’s only the beginning.

The new brewery expands Pryes’ capacity from contract brewing 800 barrels annually to a whopping 20,000. The increase will be necessary to fulfill all of Pryes’ goals: expanding Miraculum’s distribution within the Twin Cities, filling the taproom’s 24 lines, and eventually distributing Miraculum and new beers to liquor stores.


Beyond the additional capacity for beer, Pryes looks forward to offering something else that’s new: a relaxing taproom on the banks of the Mississippi River.

There’s custom furniture, including wood bar, tables, and benches made from natural black walnut and rock maple inlaid with brass. More than a hundred caged Edison bulbs hang throughout, plus custom industrial chandeliers and tap towers that glow as your beer pours.

Then there’s the feather bowling lane that runs roughly three quarters the length of the taproom. If you’re unfamiliar with feather bowling, think of it as bocce ball-meets-curling. The Pryes taproom is one of only three locations in the United States to offer the game.

Not a beer connoisseur? Not a problem. Pryes will offer three house-made Italian sodas on tap, and a complete commercial kitchen will feature guest chefs—the first of which is Red Wagon Pizza.

Pryes Brewing
1401 West River Rd. N., Minneapolis


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